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 Image of a wide variety of enamel pins designed by missdaisydee. There is a black and white jackalope soft enamel pin, a barfing trinket cat pin, a black and white moth, and a rainbor skull with glowing mushrooms. There are several pins from the Hameowlton Series, Hamilton pins but with cats and puns!

Welcome to the shop!
If you like Pins, Caitlin Starling and I have a new collaborative project coming up! It's a new pin series inspired by the Yellow Jessamine! Click the banner below if you would like to be the first one to know about the launch!
A banner with a skull and yellow jasmine vines growing out of the eye socket. The Text says Enamel Pin email list. Click on it to be the first to know about Kickstarter updates!
A note on shipping:
Due to a lot of disruptions in mail service globally (thanks pandemic and political unrest), and with no bandwidth to navigate the mess of international shipping issues, shipping is limited to North America and US territories.
I haven't yet had time to figure out the new VAT guidelines for UK shipping (seems to be making things difficult for a lot of indie creators), so unfortunately I cannot serve the UK, but if you live elsewhere in the world and would like your country added, please email me and I will look into the shipping situation on a case by case basis and see if I can add your region!
I ship orders out once a week on Saturdays (Prep on Fridays), and try to do so sooner when I can, Thank you for your patience!


“The stages” Zine Preorder

$ 10.00
A collaged zine to remind us how genocide becomes acceptable to society, with resources on how to counter this type of manipulation on the inside. For every zine sold here, I am able to distribute five locally for free to various fundraising efforts led by Charlottesville activists and organizers. This...

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