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Hello! Welcome to the missdaisydee online store! Featuring hard enamel pins from the successful Hameowlton Kickstarter campaign!

Regarding the items sold in the Hameowlton Series: for every item purchased:
$1 USD will be donated to RAICES Texas,
this applies to sticker packs, pins, and seconds pins!
(The full set of 12 pins will result in a $20 donation for both full price pins and seconds!)

Thank you for all your support!


Full Hameowlton Enamel Pin Set

$ 150.00 $ 180.00
"There's a mewllion things I haven’t done - just mew wait! Just mew wait" The full Original Broadway Cats of Hameowlton the Mewsical hard enamel pin series. Set contains the twelve (12) pins pictured in the listing. Each approximately 1.75" in height. Some have screenprinted details. Various base metals, each comes with backstamped logo and two posts for secure...

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Hameowlton Series